SUMMER BABE: Mereki Beach

I first saw Mereki Beach at Armando Records featuring vocals for Goldroom. It was moths ago, but i can still remember her dance moves, specially that one when she turned around, put her arms up and shook the hips like 'CHA, CHA, CHÁ' , just like Dakota Fanning in the last scene of 'Uptown Girls'...Exactly in that moment I became her fan. 

Vi a Mereki Beach por primera vez en Armando Records cantando en vivo con Goldroom. Fue hace algunos meses, pero aún recuerdo su forma de bailar, especialmente ese movimiento en el que dio media vuelta dando la espalda al público, subió las manos y movió la cadera haciendo ¡CHA, CHA CHÁ!, justo como Dakota Fanning en mi escena favorita de 'Pequeñas grandes Amigas'. Exactamente en ese momento me volví su fan. 
That night she was wearing a Scottish mini skirt, silver jacket and Timberland boots, a look i definitely want to try someday . The first thing that comes to my mind when i think of summer is her: an L.A girl with super blonde hair. She's about to release her debut E.P produced by Justin Raisen (Sky Ferreira, Charli xcx) & it will be pop meets punk rock, which will be out this Summer, so stay tuned!

Esa noche tenía puesta su mini falda escocesa, una chaqueta plateada y botas Timberland, un look que definitivamente quiero intentar algún día. Ella es lo primero que se me viene a la cabeza cuando pienso en el verano: Una 'L.A girl' con el pelo súper rubio. Está a punto de lanzar su primer E.P (Extended Play) como solista, producido por Justin Raisen (Sky Ferreira, Charli xcx) que será 'Pop meets Rock'. Estará al aire este verano, así que estén pendientes!

Ph. Kaitlin Christy

I told her my heart would brake if she didn't answer this for me:
Le dije que mi corazón se rompería en pedazos si no contestaba esta corta entrevista:  

-A word that you use all the time: 
'oi' as in 'oi...come here', 'oi...stop that', ' it buddie' pretty sure it's an Australian thing.

-A film you can watch a thousand times: 
Empire Records

-Who was Your first style Icon: 
Gwen Stefani

-Britney or Christina? 
its' Britney bitch!

-Purple or pink? 

-If your heart was a City, which one would it be? 
ummm... my heart is sorta tough but sentimental I guess so maybe New York ? I would say LA but I never think of Los Angeles as a city. 

-Do you believe in true love? 
Of course <3 data-blogger-escaped-i="">

-Anything you want to say (just if you want) 
hmm keep an eye out for my debut solo EP coming sooooonnnn

Ph. vía Mereki's Fan Page

Ph. Everyday
Ph. Rachels Barrett

Thanks, Mereki my heart is full. You will always be my favorite bitch 

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